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Hinge Intelligence is a full-service campaign intelligence shop. We build a foundation of research, develop messages that win, and communicate with impact.

We help clients figure out what they can say, what they should say, and how to say it. Sometimes we push new ideas forward, and other times we push back against opponents. No matter the objective, we love collaborating with smart, strategic teams on complex challenges. 


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One part researcher and one part communicator, Kyle applies broad experience across public affairs and a no-nonsense style to solve client problems.

Kyle has spent his entire career at the intersection – the Hinge – of research and communications, first with a leading global PR firm and then with a top political research group. His experience spans a diverse set of industries and organizations, from major American manufacturers and trade associations to small advocacy groups, task forces, and start-ups. He’s based in Washington, DC, but has applied skills across continents – from Manhattan and Silicon Valley to West Africa, East Asia, and Saudi Arabia.  

What We Do



Campaigns are won in the library. Compelling facts, interesting content, and convincing rebuttals are the building blocks of effective advocacy and strategic communications

Research Services

  • Campaign content strategy
  • Opposition research and analysis
  • Fact-checking and rebuttal development
  • Public domain issue research
  • Proof point development



No matter the objective, clear and concise messages are critical. Key messages grounded in fact-based research are strong and impactful; fluffy PR speak is easily dismissed.

Messaging Services

  • Key message development
  • Key message auditing
  • Message test preparation and review



Effectively delivering a message demands great writing – no matter if it’s for a 400-word op-ed, a 40-page white paper or a 140-character tweet.

Communications Services

  • Op-eds, letters to the editor
  • Statements, press releases
  • Talking points, remarks, speeches
  • Fact sheets, briefing materials
  • Reports, white papers
  • Blogs, social media content 

What Folks Are Saying


Founder, Dobro Communications

"Kyle's strength lies in his ability to quickly grasp and analyze a large body of material. He’s a pro at helping clients find, understand and leverage the information they need to achieve their objectives."


CEO, Little Unicorns

"I trust Kyle to get the job done. My clients deal with heady issues, and Kyle has been our secret weapon when it comes to breaking things down and delivering convincing information to stakeholders. His work is thoughtful, thorough and effective."


President, Cormier & Co.

"Kyle Butts is the research and communications ace you want in your war room. Hard working, insightful, versatile, and smart, Kyle's no-nonsense style and problem-solving acumen make him a valuable addition to any project team."


Founder & Managing Director, The 316 Group

"Kyle and the Hinge Intelligence team are incredibly hard workers who will simply do what it takes to achieve success in every project. Their ability to understand the complex dynamics of a situation and their good-natured demeanor are great assets for any team."


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