What We Do



Campaigns are won in the library. Compelling facts, interesting content, and convincing rebuttals are the building blocks of effective advocacy and strategic communications

Research Services

  • Campaign content strategy
  • Opposition research and analysis
  • Fact-checking and rebuttal development
  • Public domain issue research
  • Proof point development



No matter the objective, clear and concise messages are critical. Key messages grounded in fact-based research are strong and impactful; fluffy PR speak is easily dismissed.

Messaging Services

  • Key message development
  • Key message auditing
  • Message test preparation and review



Effectively delivering a message demands great writing – no matter if it’s for a 400-word op-ed, a 40-page white paper or a 140-character tweet.

Communications Services

  • Op-eds, letters to the editor
  • Statements, press releases
  • Talking points, remarks, speeches
  • Fact sheets, briefing materials
  • Reports, white papers
  • Blogs, social media content